In between homes, but still working!

It feels like an age since I last posted here You're never far from my thoughts, but unfortunately my thoughts are, for now at least, a fair distance from the centre of my attention.

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My usual routine is shot to bits as the Brown family are currently between houses, with our life stashed in boxes and wrapped in old newspapers. It'll probably be a couple of months before we can finally move in and get settled, so progress on all of my projects is rather stagnant. However, the third, and penultimate, book in Budd Ashby's tale is well underway, so you'll have a copy in your hands sometime in 2014.

Much sooner than that, LAST HOPE Book Two: Revelations, should reach the shops shortly. There's still no firm date yet (the wonderful people at Twinstar Media are working their magic), but, rest assured, this blog will be the 3rd, maybe even the 2nd, place to announce the news when it hits! And you can expect it soon.

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