Broken ComputerFix Or Buy Another?

Everyday computers go on the fritzleaving their owners to decide whether or not their PC is worth fixing. Sometimes that decision can be quite challenging. The first thing is to decide by looking at the cost of the repair compared to the cost of a new computer. Your costs can vary depending on the computer repair shop you use, as well as if you can actually fix it yourself. For a personal computer you should not pay more than $100 on labor and that's on the high side. Hardware prices are usually the same just about anywhere you go. A decent new computer can be easily obtained for around $600. If you are going to spend $300 to fix your old computer, you are already half of the way to buying a new one.

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Should You Repair?

How do you know when you should choose to repair your old computer? If your old computer is less than 2 years old, the hardware is in decent condition and your costs are below $100, it may be worth fixing. You may want to even upgrade your ram and/or replace that CD burner with a DVD burner, bringing your total to around $150 to $200. There are a lot of laptops that are in great condition but might just have a failed hard drive or cracked screen. You can have the hard drive or the screen replaced usually for around $150 at a shop. Its even cheaper if you find the right deal online for parts and fix it yourself. Some people buy the parts online and bring them to a shop for a small labor charge.

When Buying Is Better

If your computer is older than three years, the operating system is older than the two latest editions and you've been thinking about upgrading, a new PC may be right for you. If your repair bill is going to be more than half the cost of a new computer and your computer is a few years old, you probably will want to go with the new PC. While you may not be thrilled to spend the extra cash, if you pay $300 now and another $200 in six months you will sorely regret spending the cash that way.


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