Felt Flowers Yarn Wreath

I made this wreath about a year ago, and I loved it so much that I had a hard time parting with it. I made it for my Sister-In-Law as a birthday gift. It was my first time really doing anything DIY for her as a gift, and needless to say I was a little nervous. Thankfully she loved it! It makes me so happy when I go over to visit and see it hanging on the hutch in their entryway. Wanting to share it again since it is nearing the Holiday's, I thought I would re post and let you know that my holiday version is already in the works. Yay!

It's much easier to wrap the wreath when it is still in the plastic. Not only does it contain the mess, but it allows for the yarn to not snag on the straw while your trying to wrap it around which is just annoying. The standard 18? wreath doesn't leave a lot of room for hanging anything in the middle, so if that is something that you might want to incorporate in most definitely think about the size of wreath you buy first. As for the yarn, I just used your basic knitting yarn; I don't even remember the brand. The color variation in it is what caught my eye. One skein of yarn should be enough, then bigger size = more yarn.

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For the flowers I went with cooler tones. I like them; They are calming & quiet colors. Things DIY with a vintage feel I find do better with understated colors. I completely spaced while doing this project, either lost in conversation with the Hubby, or lost in my own head so I completely forgot to do my tutorials for the felt flowers. DIY flower tutorials to come!

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