In Danger of Perfection

When I was a teenager I wrote a song called 'In Danger of Perfection' and, for many years after that, I never heeded my own warnings.

For quite some time I regarded myself as something of a perfectionist every word, every note and every lyric had to be 'perfect'. What this meant in reality was that I completely stifled my creativity. Because there is no such tangible thing as perfection and I think by striving for it, not only did I cause myself immense stress and displeasure, I was trying to hide from the world. If my music never reached perfection then I never had to share it with anyone because I would always be far away from that ultimate goal.

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In the last couple of years, letting go of that concept has given me a great amount of emotional peace and, more importantly, creative freedom.

I know of many musicians who suffer from this seeking to be perfect and fearing failure, so much so that great art gets kept from the world.

My philosophy now is to just to write whatever I write, let come out whatever needs to come out and it will be what it is not good, bad or perfect. Not only has this increased my output but I also think it has helped improve the quality of what I do but that is not for me to decide. Those days of trying to judge what I do are gone.

And why am I telling you this?

Well firstly, because I encourage all artists, of whatever kind, to just write or paint or do whatever it is you do and don't stop, no matter what the little voice in your head says.

Secondly, because I had a moment recently where a very good friend of mine Ted Moore was telling me a story about riding through the streets of Vietnam listening to Motorcycle Emptiness by the Manics and it set my creative juices flowing. A title came to me instantly and I just started writing and recording. In the past I would have procrastinated and probably not written anything but I did and I enjoyed what came out.

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