Friend of Hylton Recommends New Windows for Rupert

Are you a Friend of Hylton? Wink Wink. Nudge Nudge. Say no more. Say no more. Know what I mean?

POTTSTOWN, PA Call us crazy, but we here at Save Pottstown!! we're wondering where Pottstown School Board member Thomas Hylton came up with the idea that new windows are needed at Rupert Elementary school.

In reviewing a July 2009 preliminary feasibility report on guaranteed energy savings prepared by a recognized global leader of building facilities operations for the Pottstown School District, it seems that the only mention of window replacements we're for two buildings: the Administration Building and Edgewood Elementary. The Administration Buildings windows date back to when the building was constructed in 1955. Edgewoods windows are a bit newer, having been installed during it's 1969 construction. Rupert was not mentioned as a candidate for new windows AT ALL in the July 2009 report.

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The July 2009 report was not a report hastily assembled (and it was a truly unbiased report), which differs greatly from the one Friend of Hylton (FOH) Ellis Schmidlapp of Pittsburghs Landmark Design Associates pulled together after a one day marathon visit to all five district elementary schools in December. The July 2009 report was carefully researched and assembled over a period of several weeks and also included energy savings recommendations for the Administration Building, the Annex Building, and the High and Middle school buildings (in addition to recommendations for the five elementary schools).

Its also worth noting that the July 2009 report was created for the school district Facilities Committee not the Neighborhood Schools Committee . The Neighborhood Schools Committee, as we know it now, did not exist until Hylton himself created it in December of 2009. Additionally, the savings figures quoted by Hylton during his recent public neighborhood schools presentations are not referenced anywhere in the July 2009 report. The $200,000 total savings continually spewed by Hylton has very little to do with windows and absolutely nothing to do with windows in Rupert. Also, the use of geo-thermal systems was a non-issue in the July 2009 reportit was never mentioned anywhere. A geo-thermal system for Pottstown schools is a wish-list item created and promoted strictly by Hylton.

Save Pottstown!! thinks it's pretty obvious why Rupert was included as a candidate for new windows (even though there was no mention of Ruperts windows in the July 2009 report).

Almost ten years ago, Hylton was lobbying the school board to save Rupert.

One of the more interesting quotes came from Hylton BFF George Wausnock: We intend to do everything possible, working with the citizens of Pottstown, to save the school.

Another gem of a quote from Wausnock refers to the idea of deep-sixing Pottstowns neighborhood schools: We think that would be a disaster for Pottstownour children have been able to walk to school for generations. We need to keep it that way.

What would Pottstown do without good old George meddling in our business? Always living in the pastand oh so concerned for the Pottstown taxpayers.

Its also interesting to note that during the same time frame, Hylton was lobbying for a SIXTH elementary school in Pottstown. Make sure to read that classic Preservation Pottstown article. Absolutely unbelievable!

So, it's quite obvious which is Hyltons favorite elementary school the one that's the oldest and will co$t the mo$t taxpayer money to historically re$tore . Of course he wants to get hustling on this project the quicker he pushesthis one through the less likely Rupert will become a candidate for closure or consolidation.

Once again, this information proves Thomas Hyltons blatant disregard to the Pottstown taxpayer in bulldozing through his personal tax-gouging agenda, which benefits no one but himself and his outdated ideology. It also shows that, once again, Hylton is cherry-picking facts from various sources as a foundation to his house of cards argument for keeping a neighborhood schools system operational and affordable in Pottstown.

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