An Awesome Concept That You'll Simply Love!

What is something that really can affect or change your life??? Is it a book? a story? a word? or IT???

Today, I'll post about what is the 7 inventions that affected our life style.

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Which 7 inventions?

1.iPhone. Ya, we can see all the IT people discuss iPhone for everywhere. Because iPhone have 3 features.

  • Beautiful design ,although it is Techno production, but still belong a beautiful design.
  • Multiple touch screen , no more again cursor, just touch it what you see!
  • Stimulate others , it stimulate others brand mobile become better cell phone,=)

2.Bendable screen, I was so excited when I know this production! Because before the screen that we see is square shape, this screen is bendable just like a paper. A production from LG and Sony. Ya, just bend it!

3.The mouse of the rings. Maybe you know only the lord of the ring, but this the mouse of the ring !Because it has three-dimensional operation, so through people's hands in the air of motion up,down,left,right, it can operate on the computer desktop.Cool is it?

4.Microsoft Surface. This is one of the invention that I like. Just operate with your own finger-touch , no more cursor! But, i wonder how to use??? How to benefit us???..hahabecause it is too costly

5.Inkless paper. Because everybody still discuss the hot topic 'polution'! , so, if everybody not to use too much paper, it will help us help this world. This invention is from Xerox production. Ya, it can change the world.

6.Emotional Cloth. Invention from Philips, they using 'SKIN Probes' technology.It isthe concept of using biodata sensors and lights, to express the emotional , and the feelings of the people who wear it.

7.Solar system Automobile. Generally, many people think that solar automobile is difficult to obtainobtain hydrogen or ethanol fuel. But with this Venturi production, thecars operate only rely on wind and solar energy.When wind and solar energy is not sufficient, a backup power output device is available , it sufficient to five hours energy. It is enough???

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