A TV with a Slim, Stylish Design

The natural human tendency is to look slim and attractive and the consequences are clearly evident in the technology used today. The televisions today are the slimmest ever and they use the best technology that is available, which is the TV with an LED backlight system. Though in a very short span a lot of LED TVs have cropped up, the LED TVs produced by Samsung are regarded as the best by far. Samsung has been releasing televisions at an alarming rate and never disappointed the fans of the television world. In a span of a couple of years, it has released different series of TVs like the 5, 6, and 7 series. None of them have received any serious criticism and one such TV is theSamsung UE32B6000 LED TV. Why is so much said about this model? You will see now.


Ever heard of a 32 inch photo frame? Well, that is what the Samsung UE32B6000 looks like. That is what happens when it comes to the LED TVs. The LEDs or the diodes are very small in size and hence require very less space unlike the CCFL system and CRT system, which command a lot of space. To be more specific, theUE32B6000 measures about 799mm wide, 29.9mm deep and 579mm high(with stand, and about 521mm without stand) and also weighing about 12.8kg with the stand and 9.6kg without it. Clearly, that is very slim indeed. It is almost as thick as the screen of your laptop or as much as a medium sized notebook. You can have it sit on the table or, just mount it on to the wall. Many people do the latter as it makes your room more stylish and it is also comfortable to watch. When you play pictures, you will be puzzled whether it is a TV or a photo frame. The red tint on the edges of the TV adds to it's aesthetic value. Overall, a wonderful design produced by Samsung.

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It is no wonder that theSamsung UE32B6000 32-inch LED Televisionhas a stunning display. Of late, Samsung has been producing TVs with the greatest of displays ever. The LEDs have added feathers to the cap of the already outstanding display. The 32 inch LED display is really piquant especially for those who love to watch HD movies all the time. Aresolution of 1920 x 1080is not that common and it means that all your DVD and Blu Ray movies look crystal clear. The Mega dynamic contrast ratio enables you to watch speckless pictures that have no signs of dragging or tailing. This particular feature makes the TV a great monitor for your gaming consoles. It gives you stunning pictures of the high end HD games and also at a good rate with an unprecedented response time of 4 milliseconds. So, get ready for the best gaming experience.


Samsung, just like it's neck-to-neck competitor Sony, is very famous for providing a large number of features in all it's appliances. When it comes to the TVs, they are not only technically adept, but they also feature many options that make it easy for you to utilise them. But this time around, there are not that many features as expected and it certainly surprised us. Since most of the experts are placated towards the interesting features that Samsung introduce, they are a tad disappointed, as this time, there are lesser features.

Safety First:

The televisions of Samsung have never caused any disturbance to the health of both the people and the environment around them. TheUE32B6000 Full HD LED TVis not an exception to this. In fact, the use of LEDs in the televisions has reduced a lot of pollution and health hazards. They have replaced the traditional CCFL backlight system used in the LCD TVs and this consists of mercury, which is considered to be hazardous. But it has been eliminated now, and your family and the environment can be healthier with the use of LED TVs. We have considered this as the first feature since it is related to humanity.


Most of the TVs today come with the 100Hz processor. This processor is a wonderful mechanism that will try and blend your pictures so beautifully that it gives you a cinematic pragmatism. A frame rate that beats the human eyes image storage rate is the main reason behind the smooth blending of the pictures into a nice continuous picture and it also eliminates any traces of tailing or dragging of pictures, so that crystal clear pictures are produced after making fine calibrations to the received signals. Hence, you can really afford to rank this processor right at the top.

Response Time:

The Samsung UE32B6000 has got the best response time in the world, wherein there is a time lag of only four milliseconds. This means that there is almost no gap that divides the input and the output signals. This particular essential is instrumental in making the TV a wonderful monitor for your gaming consoles. Tested against various consoles in the market including Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3, the Samsung UE32B6000 is incredibly quick and even such high definition games can be played comfortably. This is also another plus to the TV over the conventional LCD TVs, where there is considerable time lag between the signals. Hence, you experience uninterrupted game play and therefore uninterrupted entertainment.


Most of the LCD TVs today face the problem of picture contrast. Their pictures obviously lack contrast and hence the pictures are not candid. But a TV with mega dynamic contrast ratio, such as the Samsung UE32B6000 never faces such problems and the fact that it uses LEDs for backlighting makes it better when it comes to picture contrast. Samsung has mentioned that it's contrast ratio is mega, which means that it is about 100000:1, and surely you will experience a mega performance from the UE32B6000.

Colour Engine:

One of the main problems you observe with the LED televisions today is the fact that they cannot produce natural colours. Somewhere or the other, the natural resolution of colours and contrasts are missing and this is also seen commonly in LCD TVs. In order to overcome this, Samsung has introduced a new colour engine technology inside the TV, wherein lies a colour engine that copies the colours as they are and then reproduces them exactly in the same manner. It sees to it that there is no kind of shift in the spectrum of light and it keeps the details of the colour intact even during transmission. This enables you to see the exact natural colours. This is a very good idea, as even though the pictures are exceedingly good, you do not normally like to see colour aberration for a long time.


You can customise the options on the TV and set the TV to perform the way you want, just like many other things. There are different modes available that are characterised by the features and options that each of them have. You can switch between the modes and experience the difference. There are also a couple of games included in the TV that are good enough for children. An interesting thing to notice here is that batteries are provided here along with the TV just in case of untimely power cuts. A wall mount is provided so that you can easily mount the TV to the wall yourself, without the assistance of a technician. There are 25 languages in all, and all the major languages in the world are covered so that the local people find it easy to operate the TV.

Hence, although the features are not good in number, they are very effective. They make the TV look very promising and adds to it's beauty. But is that all? Is beauty alone enough? What about it's potential?


Samsung has got a great reputation of producing the finest of performances ever and is also known for it's innovative use of technology. Its picture quality is always good and the audio has generally been effective. But since this is an LED TV, things are subject to change. So, let us wait and see of Samsung lives up to the expectations and whether or not it still keeps it's reputation. Coming to the performance of a TV in general, you basically concentrate on three aspects namely picture quality, audio quality and interfaces or ports. Let us carefully examine these three aspects to see of what we expect turns out to be true.

Picture Quality:Pretty Limpid

You will realize that theSamsung UE32B6000 Widescreen LED LCD TVis one of the best performers ever. With the quality of the processing engine and display system that are used, you will experience great detail in your pictures. When you play HD movies, you will definitely see the difference as the pictures are so smooth and candid on the screen of the UE32B6000. The excellent colour technology that is used in this TV gives a great range of pictures, from the deepest blacks to the pristine whites. Almost all the colours that are seen in nature can be reproduced with great precision. There is a lot of fluidity in the pictures on this TV as the details are meticulous. It is this inestimable ability that makes it one of the main contenders for the best TV available in the market today.

Sound Quality:Solid Acoustics

Looking back at the history of the slim TVs, be them the plasmas, the LCDs or the LEDs, the only drawback you will find is their audio performance. Since the picture quality is always top notch in these TVs, there is nothing to complain. But there has been a lot of concern over the fact that these slim TVs are not able to produce great sound quality and the sounds do not complement the excellent pictures that they exhibit. This is an acceptable fact. Hence the producers of these TVs are trying different technologies in order to rectify this problem to some extent if not to the full. Samsung uses the latest audio technology available today. Its down firing type 2 x 10 W speaker system help it produce good sounds and audio systems like Dolby Digital Plus and SRS TruSurround HD make the sound more emphatic.

Interfaces:No Wi-Fi?

Interfaces or ports help you connect your TV to external devices and sync the data between them. It enhances the connectivity of your TV. The Samsungs TVs always had a good number of interfaces. Here is a list of all the interfaces that you will find at the back side of the Samsung UE32B6000: 4 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, 1 Optical Digital Audio, 1 PC input, 1 PC audio input, 1 DVI Audio Input, 1 component mini jack, 1 mini composite, 1 RF input, 1 CI slot, and 1 mini scart. This is a pretty long list of ports that a TV can have. They all are very useful in connecting your TV with external devices. Even though they are very good, there should have been an option for you to connect to the internet. If not wireless, there must have been an Ethernet port. Particularly, when the Sony Bravia LCD TV is having such facility, it may be considered as a minus in the Samsung UE32B6000.

Thus, this is definitely one of the best TVs in the market at present. Though it lacks a couple of critical features that are seen in other good televisions, it has got it's own story to narrate and even then, it is still the prime contender for the best TV in the world. Its excellent display system and audio performance make up for the negative aspects in it.

Power Consumption:

Normally, the LED TVs need very less power since the diodes used in them are very little and also require very little. Hence, at 220-240V and either of 50 and 60Hz, theSamsung UE32B6000 consumes about 95W of power. This rating is lesser than the average power consumed by other TVs by a factor of about 30. There is a power saver option which can be switched on when you want to put your TV in the standby mode. In this mode, the TV consumes only about 0.1W. The TV has also got an eco label, called the eco flower which represents that it consumes very little energy. This not only helps the environment, but also your expenses.


Samsung offers the UE32B6000, parts and labour warranty for a period of one year. You can extend this up to five years by subscribing on the internet from different websites like Amazon.


The Samsung UE32B6000 is a truly great LED television, coming to you at a very reasonable price. It is far better than many LCD TVs you see in the market. Its design is very attractive and makes it a very buyable television. The display technology used is also of the finest quality. The features and the performance aspects complement each other very well. With minimal but effective features and also top-drawer performance, the Samsung UE32B6000 has already won the hearts of many users and critics all over the world. But this is certainly not the end of the world. There are always better options for you to choose. This is the 6 series LED TV released by Samsung. After this, Samsung has gone for the 7 and 8 series TVs. Though there are costlier than this one, they have many more features and are also a tad superior in performance. So, if you are prepared to pay high, you can always get better output.

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